July 2013: release of version 2.3
  • Replaced all mex files with pure Matlab implementations.
  • - If anything, this made runtime a little faster.
    - Reorganized the directory structure in the process.
    - Got rid of the DATA_DIR and IMG_DIR mechanisms. I don't
    think anyone uses them.
  • Removed several functions that are meanwhile implemented in standard Matlab:
  • - basename (fileparts in Matlab)
    - timeString (clock and datestr in Matlab)
    - randInt (Randi in Matlab)
    - mexFileLost - don't need it anymore
  • Fixed bugs:
  • - makeFeaturePyramids had a hick-up for small image sizes, fixed now
    - guiSaliency: call with argument as the image now works
    - guiLevelParams: fixed labels to "highest and lowest center level"
    instead of "surround level"
  • Updated:
  • - STBgenerateDoc to reflect the changed directory structure
    - makeIntensityPyramid.m now uses rgb2gray instead of mean(,3) to compute intensity
September 2008: release of version 2.2
  • fixed a few problems with the GUI:
  • - warning when passing an image name on the guiSaliency command line eliminated
  • - "Window close" button on guiSaliency main window now works properly
  • - updating of the "Attended Location" window when loading a new image now works for all visualization modes
  • fixed some path and name problems with mex files:
  • - added support for 64 bit Windows platforms (mexw64)
    (Compilation for 64 bit Vista so far only using a modified scheme using Visual Studio)
  • - mex files for Windows now have the proper file extensions mexw32 and mexw64
  • - for older versions of Matlab dll files are included
  • - To avoid annoying warnings in Matlab versions expecting .mexw32 mex files, the .dll files are automatically renamed into .dll.old on the first call of initializeGlobal
  • - both the mex files and their .m help files are now in SaliencyToolbox/mex
  • - the source code for the mex files is in SaliencyToolbox/src
  • phased out fatal.m and replaced it with error everywhere
  • fixed minor bug in centerSurround.m
  • - center and surround levels were accientally swapped in the csLevels structure
  • new parameter options in salParams:
  • - params.oriComputeMode: one of 'efficient' (default) or 'full'
    'efficient' only computes orientation filters for the levels that are actually
    going to be used in the center-surround computation
    This speeds up computation of the saliency map by about a factor of 2.
    'full' computes the orientation filters for all levels as before
  • - params.exclusionMask: struct of type map or 2d mask of numeric or logical type regions where exclusionMask is ~= 0 are excluded from the saliency computations by setting all feature maps to 0 in these areas. The mask is automatically resized to the size of the feature maps.
  • - params.IORdecay: sets the decay rate of the inhibitive conductance responsible for inihibiiton of return per simulation step of 0.1 ms. This parameter was so far hidden in initializeWTA.m
  • batchSaliency.m can now handle directories that contain images and other files. It will automatically only load the images.
September 2007: release of version 2.1
July 2007: release of version 2.0
November 2006: release of version 1.1
April 2006: release of Version 1.0