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Matlab files in this directory:

 LTUsegmentMapLTUsegmentMap - segment map using a network of linear threshold units.
 LTUsimulateLTUsimulate - simulates an LTU network for numIter time steps.
 STBgenerateDocSTBgenerateDoc - generates html documentation.
 STBlicenseSTBlicense - displays the SaliencyToolbox license agreement.
 applyIORapplyIOR - applies inhibition of return.
 attenuateBordersattentuateBorders - linearly attentuates the border of data.
 batchSaliencybatchSaliency - batch processing of lists of images.
 callingFunctionNamecallingFunctionName returns the name of the calling function's calling function.
 centerSurroundcenterSurround - computes center-surround difference maps.
 centerSurroundTopDowncenterSurroundTopDown - pseudo center-surround for top-down maps.
 checkImageSizecheckImageSize - downsamples too large images after user confirmation.
 clampclamp - clamps data at the top and/or bottom.
 combineMapscombineMaps - returns the sum of a vector of maps.
 computeAllSaliencyMapscomputeAllSaliencyMaps - computes the saliency maps for many images.
 contrastModulatecontrastModulate - contrast modulates an image according to a map
 conv2PreserveEnergyconv2PreserveEnergy - 2d convolution that avoids bleeding energy over the edge.
 dataStructuresdataStructures - lists the data structures used in the SaliencyToolbox.
 debugMsgdebugMsg displays a debug message with line number and filename.
 declareGlobaldeclareGlobal - declares global variables.
 defaultGaborParamsdefaultGaborParams - returns a default gaborParams structure.
 defaultLeakyIntFiredefaultLeakyIntFire - creates a default LIF neuron.
 defaultLevelParamsdefaultLevelParams - returns a default levelParams structure.
 defaultSaliencyParamsdefaultSaliencyParams - returns a default salParams structure.
 diskIORdiskIOR - applies disk-shaped inhibition of return.
 displayImagedisplayImage - displays an image in a convenient way in the current axes.
 displayMapdisplayMap - displays a map in the current axes.
 displayMapsdisplayMaps - displays a set of maps in the current figure.
 displayPyramiddisplayPyramid - displays a pyramid in a new figure.
 drawDiskdrawDisk - draws a solid disk into a 2d image.
 emptyMapemptyMap - creates an empty map.
 ensureDirExistsensureDirExists - makes sure that directory exists.
 estimateShapeestimateShape - estimates the shape of the attended proto-object region.
 evolveLeakyIntFireevolveLeakyIntFire - evolves an LIF network by one time step.
 evolveWTAevolveWTA - evolves the winner-take-all network by one time step.
 fastSegmentMapfastSegmentMap - segment map around a seedPoint.
 gaborFilterMapgaborFilterMap - compute a gabor-filtered version of a map.
 gaussiangaussian - returns a 1d Gaussian kernel.
 gaussianSubsamplegaussianSubsample - smooths and subsamples image.
 getLocalMaximagetLocalMaxima - returns statistics over local maxima.
 getRGBgetRGB(img) - extracts the r, g, and b parts for a color image.
 guiLevelParamsguiLevelParams - a graphical user interface (GUI) to adjust parameter level parameters.
 guiSaliencyguiSaliency - a graphical user interface (GUI) version of the saliency code.
 hueDistancehueDistance - computes the distance in a simplified 2d color space.
 initializeGlobalinitializeGlobal - initializes global variables
 initializeImageinitializeImage - initializes an image structure.
 initializeWTAinitializeWTA - intitializes a winner-take-all network.
 loadImageloadImage - returns the imgData for the Image structure
 makeBlueYellowPyramidmakeBlueYellowPyramid - creates a blue-yellow opponency pyramid.
 makeDyadicPyramidmakeDyadicPyramid - creates a dyadic Gaussian pyramid.
 makeFeaturePyramidsmakeFeaturePyramids - creates a pyramid for featureType.
 makeGaborFiltermakeGaborFilter - returns a 3d stack of 2d Gabor filters for each phase.
 makeGaussianPyramidmakeGaussianPyramid - creates a Gaussian pyramid from map.
 makeHuePyramidmakeHuePyramid - creates a hue distance pyramid.
 makeIntensityPyramidmakeIntensityPyramid - creates an intensity pyramid.
 makeLTUsegmentNetworkmakeLTUsegmentNetwork - creates an LTU network for map segmentation.
 makeOrientationPyramidmakeOrientationPyramid - creates an orientation pyramid.
 makeRedGreenPyramidmakeRedGreenPyramid - creates a red-green opponency pyramid
 makeSaliencyMapmakeSaliencyMap - creates a saliency map for an image.
 makeSqrt2PyramidmakeSqrt2Pyramid - creates a sqrt(2) Gaussian pyramid.
 maxNormalizemaxNormalize - normalizes a set of maps according to params.
 maxNormalizeIterativemaxNormalizeIterative - normalize data with the an iterative algorithm.
 maxNormalizeLocalMaxmaxNormalizeLocalMax - normalization based on local maxima.
 normalizeImagenormalizeImage - linearly normalize an array.
 plotSalientLocationplotSalientLocation - plots the attended location into an existing figure.
 removeColorFeaturesremoveColorFeatures - removes color features from the saliency
 runSaliencyrunSaliency - compute and display saliency map and fixations.
 safeDividesafeDivide - divides two arrays, checking for 0/0.
 sepConv2PreserveEnergysepConv2PreserveEnergy - energy preserving 2d convolution with separable filter
 shapeIORshapeIOR - applies shape-based inhibition of return.
 showImageshowImage - displays an image in a convenient way.
 skinHueParamsskinHueParams - returns a parameter set for skin hue.
 winnerToImgCoordswinnerToImgCoords - converts winner location from map to image coordinates.

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