21. January 2016 More than 12,000 downloads! Publication links and contact information have been updated.
02. July 2013 Release of version 2.3. I replaced all mex files with straight Matlab implementations, and if anything, performance has slightly improved. See the change log for details. SaliencyToolbox has been downloaded 7400 times as of today. Thanks everyone for your continued support!
1. Sept., 2010 I am starting my new position as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology at Ohio State. Here is my lab website.
11. June, 2010 3000 registered users!
19. Aug., 2009 2000 registered users!
10. Dec., 2008 Launch of newly designed web site.
29. Sept., 2008 Release of version 2.2 with a number of bug fixes and improvements. See the change log.
15. Sept., 2008 More than 1000 registered users since the release of version 2.
15. Sept., 2007 More than 150 registered users since the release of version 2.
7. Sept., 2007 Release of version 2.1 with an important bug fix and a new batch processing script.
10. Aug., 2007 Release of version 2.0 under a new license agreement.
5. March, 2007 Download of the toolbox is temporarily unavailable because of licensing issues.
23. Feb., 2007 I am presenting a poster on the neural cicuits of the proto-object attention model at Cosyne today. Check it out if you're there!
23. Dec., 2006 More than 1000 downloads of the toolbox. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!
16. Nov., 2006 Version 1.1 of the SaliencyToolbox released. There some minor changes and fixes. All the core algorithms are unchanged. See the Changelog for details.
11. Nov., 2006 Our paper on the details of the proto-object attention modeled is published in Neural Networks. See publications.
5. Sept., 2006 I am now a Beckman Fellow at the Beckman Institute for Advances Science and Technology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
1. August, 2006 More than 500 downloads.
9. May, 2006 Check out our talk on the salient region selection model at VSS at 5:30 pm in Ballroom North at the Hyatt in Sarasota!
3. May, 2006 More than 200 downloads.
18. April, 2006 SaliencyToolbox is featured on the Macforge Robotics page.
11. April, 2006 More than 100 downloads of the SaliencyToolbox.
7. April, 2006 SaliencyToolbox 1.0 released.